Only Pet Tags

Best Friend


Bone Heart Necklace

Pet name

All tags are sealed with a clear coat to resist tarnish and include 2 super sturdy split rings. Because each tag is individually handcrafted, there will be slight variations from the photos.

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-Handcrafted sterling silver heart and dog bone on sterling chain. The bone will be stamped with your pet's name and the heart is stamped with "Always in my" with a small heart cutout.

-Bone measures 1". ​Heart measures 1"x7/8".

-Both hang from a 16 1/2" chain.

-This is a 2 charm necklace. A copper circle with a handcut paw print and stamped "Best Friend".

-A nickel silver bone stamped with your pet's name. Both charms hang from a 17" sterling silver chain. The necklace and charms have been antiqued and sealed.

-Circle measures 3/4".

Sterling Silver Paw Print Necklace

Pet name

ONLY PET TAGS-Unique Pet ID Tags

Pet name

-Handcrafted sterling silver dog paw print pendant on 17" sterling silver chain.

-Your pet's name stamped on the front.

-Paw measures 1 1/16" x 1".

Unique Pet ID Tags

Protect your pet with a handcrafted I.D. tag.