Protect your pet with a handcrafted I.D. tag. 

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I am a self-taught jewelry metalsmith and designer. I started out several years ago working with beads and soon discovered an interest in metal. Soon I moved on to melting, rolling and sawing metal and my life's passion was found. I love to step outside the box and pride myself on the uniqueness of my work.

I love animals so my transition to making custom pet tags was a natural. I enjoy making custom pet tags and am constantly trying to develop new designs and ideas. I love doing custom work so if you have an idea and you want it custom made, contact me.

Find me at ONLY PET TAGS on facebook where I display all my latest work. 

I handcraft about everything I use and I don't work with pre-made parts from China. I use quality materials and take pride in my work! My tags are individually handcrafted from sheet metal in either copper, brass, nickel silver, sterling silver or aluminum. Some tags have multiple metals combined. Each one is either riveted, acid etched, soldered or hand stamped to create a work of art for your pet.

All tags are polished and sealed to help resist tarnish and protect the finish. I strive to make a quality tag that you and your pet can be proud of.

Custom orders are always welcome! I take requests for unique designs so please let me know if you have an idea.

If you have any questions, please email me. 

Kim Durabb

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Unique Pet ID Tags

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